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Licensed Partners

We understand that not all households have the skills or desire to deal with the manufacture or construction of our projects. Our Licensed Partners are trained in the use of our designs and have our dedicated CNC machine for manufacture. They after training can use our brand and benifit from our marketing in there local area. Any user of our design software can have their design manufactured and or constructed by our Licensed Partners.

Why Become a Licensed Partner

The Woodworker


  • Your company as a The Woodworker Licensed Partner
  • Full use of The Woodwork brand in your area
  • The Woodworker marketing material templates for your utilization
  • Full training in marketing and sales Development

Your company branded as The Woodworker in your protected area

  • Only one Licensed partner per 100,000 approximate population (geographic location and language relationships taken into account)
  • Guaranteed referrals from the Woodworker web design software
  • Joint marketing campaign's with Diy stores and wood supply companies

Level of training and investment

  • Full training on the design software
  • Full training on The Woodworker CNC machine
  • Start part time with just one basic The Woodworker CNC machine
  • Start up investment, our CNC machine, training time, an area to work in.

Featured documents

Who and what is The Woodworker and our Licensed Partners


Licensed Partner FAQs

What is the minimum investment I need to become a licensed Partner?

Apart from the horizontal CNC machine you need to invest in some market development material around €1000 and 5 hours per weekend.

Do I have to pay The Woodworker any of my revenue?

No you must sign up to the Licensed Partner monthly plan for design €50 per month and attend the yearly LP conference in Europe or the USA

Can I sell my Licensed Partnership?

Yes but not to another Licensed Partner.

Can I stop being a Licensed Partner?

At any time by notifiying by mail or failing to pay the monthly agreement for longer than 6 weeks.